Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I am an editor for

I am an editor for as I mentioned before in a post.
What I get to do is edit news for my area, Gary, IN. It was free to sign up and I utilized the site anyway because I liked that I could get a variety of local news on one page. Also because I saw one of my friends was an editor, I, being the copycat that I am, decided to sign up too.
This is not a paid position but since I am up sitting at my computer reading news on line anyway, I might as well add some news to the page I'm looking at because who could know an area better than it's inhabitants?
I can also add stories that I write but so far I have only added a weather photo and caption.
Also, a blogger of note is Dwight Taylor. I don't think I know him personally but his blog, Uncensored Reality is informative and he can be heard on WLTH Radio quite often.

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