Saturday, January 19, 2008

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Prosecutorial misconduct is not a myth. Please read the following statement and ask yourself how can we function as a country if this is allowed to go on...
"Anyway, judges are not immune from societal pressures. Judges would like to be appointed to higher courts; they would like to be appointed as CIA or FBI director; they would like to continue their friendships with the persons who appointed them as judges in the first place. Also, most importantly, they want to have a family life, something which they could never have if they did not dismiss most cases assigned to them."

I believe the following statemnt is true. And it is sad--a sad statement of what this country has become. I would hate to think it has always been this way and we have actually improved...

"It's something similar to reading a judge's decision for anyone except the involved parties and their attorneys. Almost every decision is written in a way to convince persons unfamiliar with the case that the decision is a just one. Accordingly, when a judge says something such as "there is absolutely no evidence at all in favor of the plaintiff", a person not familiar with the affidavits, testimony, exhibits and other documents in the case would probably assume that the decision is accurate, and not realize that the decision is using the language required to be used to dismiss a case."
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