Thursday, June 19, 2008

Two opposing views on Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama aced daytime TV's First Lady test Wednesday with fist-bumping flair and an off-the-rack dress - charming the leading ladies of ABC's "The View" and their audience.

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Barack Obama, you've got a girlie problem. Would-be first wife Michelle Obama waded into "The View" yesterday, where the tall Harvard-bred lawyer and mommy proved the Obamas are not Muslim. She also called her hubby, the presidential candidate, (Woopie said "em-pathetic,") and divulged that she doesn't wear pantyhose...(This woman has described Southside-of-Chicago born and raised, basketball-playing Michelle Obama as a "Harvard-bred lawyer". Did she not read the woman's bio first? I bet she has never even been to the Southside of Chicago. I know she can read. READ MICHELLE'S BIO FIRST, THEN WRITE.)

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...and since we're passing nasty, catty comments (see previous story) guess what else I heard whilst in New York...

June 16, 2008 -- Mayor Bloomberg is a nasty, untrustworthy, tan trum-prone liar who "has little use" for average New Yorkers - like the 1,500 workers who would have lost their jobs had OTB closed, a furious Gov. Paterson has said privately...

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