Monday, June 16, 2008

Vista Print

When sending lots of correspondence, address stamps are a useful tool.
Unless your envelopes are supposed to be hand written, it's quicker and easier to take an address stamp and put it on the corner of the envelope and be done with it.
Another good thing is going to Vista Print for all of your printing needs.
It's a whole lot easier to go to the Vista Print web site and pick the items you want and have them shipped to you rather than gas up the vehicle and go trudging throughout the malls looking for things like business cards, address stamps, checks, rubber stamps, announcements, and car magnets!
Matter of fact, I'd be hard pressed to know exactly where to go in the mall to find printing and correspondence materials.
Having these items is essential in conducting business and helping you become more productive is what Vista Print is all about.
I should know because I have gotten two sets of business cards from them. I also ordered an ink pen with a colorful design and my website's logo on it. The pen was so attractive that it kept getting away from me.
Now, I have to order another one. Okay, more than one.

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