Friday, June 06, 2008

Sit down Anti-Obama racists

Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination fair and square but because what Father Pfleger

said appears to be true for all racist whites (those who don't like Barack because he is

black) they have decided to further divide the Democratic party by encouraging in-name-only

Democrats to vote Republican.

Understand this: those hooligans weren't Democrats in the first place. They probably don't

even understand the electoral process. Illiterate inbreds.

However, Barack shall not be moved and neither will his very solid base of educated

peoples--who are both Red and Blue.

Hey, I can say what I want. I'm not running for president. I can say exactly what is on my


Those who are against Obama are against college tax credits (they can't read anyway) and

other middle to low income tax credits that will put more money into their pocket. They are

against an improved GI bill too. I know McCain is.

They will still cut their noses to spite their faces.

The right to vote at all should be rescinded from any racist. (who won't vote for Obama

because he is black)

If you don't like his personality, his politics, where he lives and want to waste your vote

on peripherals, fine. It's not illegal to be stupid, however, they should get half a vote

because I don't want to be subjected to their stupidity via another selfish republican


They have no opportunities for the little people to pull themselves up from their

bootstraps. Things have changed. Under their administration, if you are not big business or

have connections, you can't get anywhere. They close the business world to the small

businessman by not opening up the bidding process to their contracts.

So the only reason most white folk don't want Obama in office is because of his race.
Those types of people suck and they should be shipped out of America this instant.

Now you go back to where you came from!

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