Thursday, June 05, 2008

McCain is insane in the membrane!

Sen. McCain is insane in the membrane.
All of a sudden, we need to "fix" social security because it is "broken."
These comments were made in florida Thursday afternoon.
Most of the residents of South Florida are well off. Some of this country's most wealthy have found a home in the Sunshine State.
They don't really care about Social Security fixing.
I hope it matters that McCain was talking to the Florida Press Assn. I hope they had their thinking caps on.
Funding the war in Iraq and its subsequent months of activity is where most of the Social Security trust fund has been spent.
Was it time to fix Social Security when you people in charge of this said fund, were busy spending it on your other woman--Iraq?
Or any place else other than this red, white and blue soil, it seems.
Take care of home first. I would never vote for Sen. McCain. He is only puppeting the failed policies of recent years.
I guess he doesn't realize that many of those people he addressed Thursday have money woes of one type or another or have family members borrowing from them because of money woes/failed current policies.
Yeah, I said it. Family members will borrow from you if you have and they have not.

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