Friday, June 27, 2008

Unity Music

In honor of today's Unity Rally, I made this music. It is generational--meaning people my age will remember it.
If you noticed, this play list started out being specifically for the rally but I got selfish and way off track today and much of my personal taste in music (eclectic) is present here. I'm part Hippie--just skip the ones you don't like.
It is a shame that I didn't finish this play list until after the event.
I think the Senators looked just great on stage today. Us Democrats are really pulling it together--in spite of what you hear on the news. Average Americans are loving both Barack and Hillary and are glad to see them making steps forward for the country. Here's the story:

UNITY, N.H. - Rivals turned allies, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton made a display of unity Friday in a hamlet named for it, their first joint public appearance since the divisive Democratic primary race ended.
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Sen. Obamas Victory Mix twisted my way

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