Friday, June 20, 2008

On campaign financing: Obama

In Florida, looking for a smart energy strategy, questions Friday
about opting out of public funds use in his campaign cropped up
during Sen. Obama's session with reporters.
Sen. Obama doesn't want special interest money--and that is history
"(To)free ourselves from dependence on special interest and lobbyists,"
is the reason for a decision not to use public funds--which are a mix of sometimes unidentifiable funding sources.
"That is not a recipe for reform," Obama told reporters.
So what is all of the fuss about? Obama is still committed to fixing the system. John McCain wants to limit however, the amount of funding Obama gets to use.
Republicans don't want Obama to get his message out--the message of
Change in states that traditionally are GOP territory--according to Jack Cafferty--sort of.
Sen. Obama made his comments from Jacksonville, FL after addressing a group there.
It looks like Sen. Obama is in it to win it.
When it was advantageous to McCain, he considered opting out of the
public finance system but I guess he changed his mind.
Sen. Obama also wondered aloud why McCain talked about trade Friday in Canada instead of Ohio or Michigan. Retooling NAFTA was an issue during the February Democratic debate co-moderated by the late Tim Russert.
We all have our own road to achieveing the American Dream.
"I come to politics because my own story. I wasn't born into wealth or privilege but was given extraordinary opportunity...the country allows you to make it if you try. I think it is the essence of the American dream and I think that dream is slipping away. It is the American Dream we are fighting for in this election," Sen. Obama said.

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