Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama's Father's Day Speech

The speech soon-to-be heard and discussed around the world had nothing to do with politics.
"...too many fathers are mia (military acronym for missing in action)...they've abandoned their responsibilities...acting like boys rather than men...any fool can have a child..."
These are just bits of the speech given by presumptive presidential candidate, Barack Obama (D) on Sunday at Apostolic Church of God on 63rd and Dorchester, in Chicago.
Concerned, educated blacks have been pointing this fact about black families out for years.
This morning on CNN, Roland Martin said,
"Folks are concurring what he said. I know Roland comments on the state of the black family during his radio show on WVON in Chicago, frequently.
Roland also pointed out that single family households are not wholly a black issue.
Roldand said, it is a problem in America where 50 percent of white households are fatherless as well.
Obama actually lived this life of absentee father. His dad left at two--but he was lucky to have his mother and grandparents lend a hand in his rearing.
Matter of fact, the destruction of American families has been an important topic most of my lifetime. Did it start with the sexual revolution of the sixties? I dunno.
Or during slavery when families were routinely torn apart and sold to different slave masters? I dunno.
What I do know is that Barack should be speaking on this issue and Roland Martin agreed.
Mentioned also were comments made by Bill Cosby in 2005. However, Mr. Cosby's comments differed in tone and content.
"...Essentially, Cosby validated the perception that African-Americans who are economically disadvantaged have bad work ethics, low morals, misplaced priorities and distasteful lifestyle choices.
And they have no one to blame for their predicament but themselves," according to an article I wrote in 2005, for the Boca Raton News.
Cosby's comments are wayyyyy different in tone, content and intent.
Cosby was speaking not before a church on Father's Day but addressing his peers at some gala. It was a have vs. have not type deal.
Obama related a personal story of his childhood. He has first hand knowledge of how it feels to grow up with dad not around. And now he is on the verge of being president, so the microphone is in his hand.
He has come a long way and seems like a great dad himself to his two beautiful daughters.
Roland said critics of Obama should shut up criticizing and stop "running their mouths."
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