Saturday, June 07, 2008

Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, on Sen. Hillary Clinton's endorsement speech

-Read this. He will be our nation's next president...

"Hillary Clinton announced her support for our campaign today.
Senator Clinton made history over the past 16 months -- not just because she has broken barriers, but because she has inspired millions of Americans with her strength, her courage, and her commitment to causes like universal health care that make a difference in the lives of hardworking Americans."

"Our party and our country are stronger because of the work she has done throughout her life, and I'm a better candidate for having had the privilege of competing with her."

"Senator Clinton will be invaluable to our efforts to win in November, and I look forward to campaigning alongside her to bring this country the change it so desperately needs."

"Hillary and her supporters are joining us at an urgent moment.
It's going to require a new level of commitment from every single one of us to build a national campaign in the general election.
And we're going win this election the right way -- by growing our grassroots network of ordinary people giving only what they can afford."

"It's time for all of us to come together to take on John McCain in the general election. John McCain offers another four years of George Bush's policies, which our country simply cannot afford.
To win, we must continue building an unprecedented organization in all 50 states. And that will only happen if we all work together, side-by-side."

"Together we can do more than just win an election. Together we can change this country, and we can change the world.
And we are honored to have Hillary Clinton at our side as we do it."


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