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Monday, June 02, 2008

Obama campaign makes steps toward November primary, pulls more superdelegates

Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama has quietly, respectfully been making strides toward winning the November contest in his bid for the presidency, focusing less on Sen. Hillary Clinton's primary woes.
Today he picked up another superdelegate.

Connecticut Democratic Party Chair and Superdelegate Endorses Obama
By Sam Graham-Felsen - Jun 2nd, 2008 at 9:22 am EDT

Senator Barack Obama has helped to energize thousands upon thousands of Democrats in Connecticut and across the country. He has inspired the electorate and won their confidence by demonstrating sound judgment, strength of spirit, dedication to those in need, and belief in the transforming power of community.

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My Perspective
Personally, the general public should realize that major news outlets need a logical, easy-to-understand way to present something as complex as a United States election to the masses.
What the public hears and sees in news content should be balanced with their own value system, thoughts and feelings about how well or poorly they have fared these past eight years and so forth.
All of that combined should help personalize the decision to vote Democratic or Republican.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barack & Michelle Obama resign from Trinity United

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have tendered a resignation from their church Trinity United Church of God in Christ.
A phone call placed to the church rendered the switchboard operator who said she knew of no resignation one way or the other. She said the officers of the church were not available.
I believe what Roland Martin reported is true in that he is a respected journalist and radio talk show host.
And I know he would not ever go off half-cocked on bad intel...however, a quick search found this item:
Sen. Barack Obama is leaving Trinity United Church of Christ, his longtime religious home in Chicago and a place that has triggered repeated controversies during his presidential bid, according to a Chicago Tribune blog entitled, "The Swamp."

Friday, May 30, 2008

Good campaing, planning wins race to the White House for Obama

Unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton, rival Barack Obama planned for the long haul. Clinton hinged her whole campaign on an early knockout blow on Super Tuesday, while Obama's staff researched congressional districts in states with primaries that were months away. What they found were opportunities to win delegates.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Indiana Primary Part II

I watched the returns on CNN May 6 and the group of them questioned repeatedly Gary Mayor Rudy Clay about why it took so long for Lake County to present election results.
Finally, still calm, he explained three of four times about the absentee vote. He said he wanted to be careful not to disenfranchise anyone. Mayor Clay actually said to them, "I have told you three or four times..." so patience was a virtue--in a whorehouse! Wolf just kept passively aggressively asking the same question over and over again.
Jeffery Toobin kicked it off, actually, with "it is a shame and a disgrace about what is going on in Indiana right now."
He said it was "totally unusual" and accused vote counters in the county of taking a page out of the "old days of Chicago politics" (what is that supposed to mean!?") nearly accusing them of holding back votes.
The grousing by CNN actually surprised me. They appeared to be familiar with old time election coverage but I guess they have forgotten about the past and like the lightening quick MTV broadcast age. Sorry. I am trained in print journalism so I was used to waiting up late on election nights and drinking coffee.
However, Toobin took issue with all of Lake County withholding vote totals because they were still counting absentee ballots. There were more than 11,000 to count still, way late into the evening. I guess the CNN staff figured it would rapped up early like in other states. The midnight deadline CNN was given, I suspect, was Indiana time.
The machine votes were held until the absentee ballots were counted properly.
In spite of all of this, the CNN coverage was the best ever. I know their ratings had to be high. I was so delighted to watch the whole thing churn out with the gripes and the whining and unbleached opinions! Everyone was so real last night. My stomach was in knots!
Thanks CNN.

Lake County's vote return was the largest ever for absentee voting.
As the returns chunked in, it was clear that Indiana was not the decisive victory Hillary was seeking.
Pundits said that Obama White Women made up 39 percent of the vote. It was speculated that they didn't like the whole shots-of-Crown-Royal think when she was out with Evan Bayh at a bar in Crown Point.
Pundits went so far as to say Hillary's camp would have to come up with another revelation on Barack to get a Clinton win.
Matter of fact, her speech, delivered in Indianapolis was more conciliatory than victorious. She expected a big win and that didn't come. She, instead, just barely won.
Barack, on the other hand, enjoyed a resounding victory in North Carolina, rounding the whole night out with a stirring speech that revved up his supporters even more. Congratulations, Sen. Obama!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Obama wins N.C. primary, Clinton squeeks, struggles to finish in Indiana primary

--Delegates will be divided
I live in Lake County, Indiana and am watching the CNN returns. My stomach is in knots! I voted early for Barack Obama and am waiting for the results of my county. Please watch the video below.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Indiana's May 6 Primary is crucial: Vote early, Vote Obama!

@ news commentators (excellent job btw)
The wheels aren't coming off of the wagon but it is awfuly difficult to change those who are considered "culturally insensitive" into those who are liberal and don't mind voting for Barack Obama. (some, I think, really fear African-Americans in charge)
It will take all of those, "lunch bucket,blue-collar Catholic whites," that it is said Sen. Obama can't sway to his side, to really get reamed by Hill and Bill in the White House to change their minds but by then, it will be too late. (those two will cut a deal behind your back in a New York minute)
Even if Barack ran again--after Hillary's term(s)--those types of people would still be resistant to vote for Barack Obama.
So what do we Obama supporters do? (pray)
All Hillary had to do was show up in their state and tell tales of Republican childhood memories of hunting. Woo wee. I don't know if Barack has any of these memories. She really didn't have to work hard and everyone is forgiving of her gaffes. When she was in Indiana, she showed kids how to drink shots of good whiskey. Woo wee--she can't be the education president. (yeah, kids read the newspaper too, Hill)
So what do we do?
Barack can't change his color or race, so that's out.
Maybe raising more money and pressing more flesh could work however, Barack is one man--how much can he do?
It's hard to change people's ideas--especially regarding race and especially when Hillary's wedge issues really strike a chord with those Lunch bucket, blue-collar Catholic whites who are older (?).
Those people are hard to change. They are not intellectual by far, so how to reach them? How many of them even have regular and positive interactions with African Americans on a daily basis? How could they vote Obama 08 when they are hard pressed to recite even the names of Blacks they say they know?
Barack would have had to start his campaigning in their state and invite all of the Chicago politicians who would, to come along with him.
It's sad but true.
I hope my state, Indiana, doesn't disappoint Sen. Obama like Pennsylvania did.

The Clinton Chronicles (GOP creation)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama '08: Sen. Barack Obama comes to Gary--the series

Those who chose to, wore or bought Obama shirts of all styles--from the official blue or white ones sold at campaign headquarters to those airbrushed in an array of colors with Obama's face and signature look emblazoned upon them.

Joy and confidence shined on the faces of each ticket holder who emerged from campaign headquarters victoriously. Take a peek.

Find out why the people love and support Barack Obama. More of these videos may be found on my You Tube page. Click on the My Videos link to the right in the links column.


Watch entire speech of Dem. presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama at Roosevelt H.S. in Gary, Thursday.

Listen to "Reclaiming the American Dream" on my blogtalkradio show:

I promised a series and here it is:

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson endorses Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

HomeDiariesBreaking BlueE-Wire 2008Gov. Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama
by Todd Beeton, Fri Mar 21, 2008 at 03:30:46 AM EST

With the unassuming subject line "A personal note," Governor Richardson just sent an e-mail blast announcing his endorsement of Senator Obama:

During the last year, I have shared with you my vision and hopes for this nation as we look to repair the damage of the last seven years. And you have shared your support, your ideas and your encouragement to my campaign. We have been through a lot together and that is why I wanted to tell you that, after careful and thoughtful deliberation, I have made a decision to endorse Barack Obama for President.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Latest Radio Show

Complete transcript of the Sun-Times interview with Barack Obama

March 15, 2008
Sen. Barack Obama appeared before the editorial board of the Chicago Sun-Times Friday and spoke about indicted fund-raiser Tony Rezko and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his longtime pastor. Here is a transcript of the interview:

Sen. Obama: I apologize for being late. What I want to do if this is OK with you was to use this time to make sure that all your questioners were answered with regard to my relationship with Tony Rezko and the purchase of my house. And it makes sense, I will make a presentation that I will try to keep as brief as possible, though it may o on for 20 minutes or so, then just let you guys have at it. Then, if there are other topics you want to talk about I'll be happy to do that as well.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Road to the White House/WLTH voter registration/Response to attacks on Barack Obama

Older African Americans Remember Like Peperidge Farm...

The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male[1] also known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Pelkola Syphilis Study, Public Health Service Syphilis Study or the Tuskegee Experiments was a clinical study, conducted between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama, in which 399 (plus 201 control group without syphilis) poor — and mostly illiterate — African American sharecroppers were denied treatment for Syphilis

Friday, March 14, 2008

I am getting tired of the double standard

Have you ever had a friend, brother, sister, mom or dad or pastor who, from time to time, says things that are off-colored or not politically correct and you shush them or shoo them away from public consumption? Hmmm, well have you?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Now, why is it every time someone who says the name Barack is automatically held to the national standards of political correctness and Ms. Ferrarro can say whatever it is that she wants and blame it on a reporter who allegedly misquoted her? (Please click on the Roland Martin Blog link on to find out details on this issue.)
What does Barack have to do with what the retired pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, says? Okay and furthermore, were any of us there when that pastor had chicken dinners and bake sales and raised money to build up his church? No. We don't pay any of their bills and that pastor and any other pastor can preach the way they want to preach.
That church and those members built their church up and don't want to be bothered with outsiders passing judgement on them and trying to cause tension between Barack and the public.
Why don't you go to President Bush's church and pull that. Go to Hillary's church and pull that stupid crap. Yeah, no guts to do all of that but you'll pick on Sen. Obama's church because someone somewhere doesn't like seeing a whole bunch of black people together.
Quit being nosey and spend some time at your own church.
Barack can't keep up with everything that is said or done. Have any of you ever heard of Afrocentric churches? Look it up. Someone should take a camera into a non-Afrocentric church and tape every sermon and then comb through them to find fault with it.
Sounds ridiculous? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama wins Mississippi Primary, Texas Caucuses

Associated Press photo
Sen. Barack Obama is the winner of the Mississippi primary, as projected by CNN. He also came in first in the Texas carcases. Thirty-three delegates are at stake and will divided between the candidates.
Sen. Obama appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, answering questions about the Florida and Michigan Democratic delegates and what he saw while in Mississippi.
He said there is a need for change readily seen in the state. He toured the Delta region where he saw underfunded schools, joblessness and a lack of health care. Obama said he wants to change how business is done in U.S. and in Washington. He also said he would be the better nominee, overcoming special interests groups. Obama said he is not surprised at how Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign doesn't reciprocate respectful campaign methods as his does.

As far as picking a vice president, he said that decision is premature at this point in the election process. He said if he wins the party's nomination he will choose the best person for that position.
He is focused on unifying the Democratic Party and institute a shift away from "Bush policies."
Sen. Obama said he would be in favor of discussing a fair solution to the delegate situation in Michigan and Florida but did not favor mail-in votes because he wants to make sure all of the voters are heard and the process is fair.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Max Follmer: Confirmed Obama Has 50 Superdelegates: "Wrong"

This is info gathered from the links provided."...Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw first reported yesterday that Obama had about 50 secretly committed superdelegates.

However, The Hotline quotes an unnamed Obama campaign aide who says the report is "wrong." The HOTLINE said on March 04, 2008..."It's Wrong""A spokesman for Barack Obama told On Call that Tom Brokaw's earlier report, that there are 50 superdelegates ready and willing to announce their support for the IL senator, is incorrect.

The spokesman wrote flatly in an e-mail: "It's wrong."The very wonderful Brokaw is doing play-by-play tonight for MSNBC."--submitted by?(JENNIFER SKALKA)

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barack Obama: Tell Me What I Say!

I'm having problems with posting this video so if you can't make it go, click on and look at the video log.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama wins Wisconsin--addresses supporters in Texas!

(I love the CNN live feed—I recently discovered it.)
The Obama rally was out-of- control with gladness and joy at the Change that is about to happen to this great nation.
The roar was deafening as Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) took stage.
“Houston, I think we have achieved lift-off here!”
“Early voting has started here in Texas and everybody has one of these cards and everybody knows you can start voting in Texas. Don’t wait until tomorrow,” he asked.
“You’re going to have to attend the caucus March 4 to get us a few more delegates.
Don’t go alone—take some friends and family to the polls,” Obama said.
He warned that the “change we seek is still months and miles away and we need the good people of Texas to help us get there. If we are blessed and honored to win the nomination we will need your help to win in November,” he said.
He also said that after the presidential election, help will still be needed to turn America around.
“What we are trying to do here will not be easy and it will not happen overnight--
it will require something more. It will take more than good ideas because Washington is where good ideas go to die. Change is needed now,” he said.
He said NAFTA took our jobs and described a supporter who told him about his first hand knowledge of what the trade agreement meant to him.
“They work for years and come to work one day and literally see the machines unbolted from the floor and sent to China,” he said.
He told the story of the woman with the blind twins who entered into a predatory loan.
Her fees doubled in two weeks and she was on the verge of homelessness and didn’t know where to turn or what to do.
“My faith in the American people has been vindicated…it is time to turn the page.”
He addressed safety standards and toys being played by our children that have lead paint.
He addressed the process of instituting an improved educational system.
“The problem is a lack of urgency,” he said.
He said the not-in-our-backyard mentality will cease.
“Every child is our problem every child is our responsibility. We will invest in early childhood education and reward teachers by giving higher salaries and giving them more support and no more teaching to the test but learning”—real learning so that this country can advance, he said.
Affordable college tuition and getting to work in the Peace Corps or another type of service to the country was also highlighted. (This is the type of work experience that a college grad can bank on.)

"...Nothing worthwile in this country has ever happened accept someone, somewhere decided to hope..."