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Friday, March 14, 2008

I am getting tired of the double standard

Have you ever had a friend, brother, sister, mom or dad or pastor who, from time to time, says things that are off-colored or not politically correct and you shush them or shoo them away from public consumption? Hmmm, well have you?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Now, why is it every time someone who says the name Barack is automatically held to the national standards of political correctness and Ms. Ferrarro can say whatever it is that she wants and blame it on a reporter who allegedly misquoted her? (Please click on the Roland Martin Blog link on to find out details on this issue.)
What does Barack have to do with what the retired pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, says? Okay and furthermore, were any of us there when that pastor had chicken dinners and bake sales and raised money to build up his church? No. We don't pay any of their bills and that pastor and any other pastor can preach the way they want to preach.
That church and those members built their church up and don't want to be bothered with outsiders passing judgement on them and trying to cause tension between Barack and the public.
Why don't you go to President Bush's church and pull that. Go to Hillary's church and pull that stupid crap. Yeah, no guts to do all of that but you'll pick on Sen. Obama's church because someone somewhere doesn't like seeing a whole bunch of black people together.
Quit being nosey and spend some time at your own church.
Barack can't keep up with everything that is said or done. Have any of you ever heard of Afrocentric churches? Look it up. Someone should take a camera into a non-Afrocentric church and tape every sermon and then comb through them to find fault with it.
Sounds ridiculous? Yeah, that's what I thought.