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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Indiana's May 6 Primary is crucial: Vote early, Vote Obama!

@ news commentators (excellent job btw)
The wheels aren't coming off of the wagon but it is awfuly difficult to change those who are considered "culturally insensitive" into those who are liberal and don't mind voting for Barack Obama. (some, I think, really fear African-Americans in charge)
It will take all of those, "lunch bucket,blue-collar Catholic whites," that it is said Sen. Obama can't sway to his side, to really get reamed by Hill and Bill in the White House to change their minds but by then, it will be too late. (those two will cut a deal behind your back in a New York minute)
Even if Barack ran again--after Hillary's term(s)--those types of people would still be resistant to vote for Barack Obama.
So what do we Obama supporters do? (pray)
All Hillary had to do was show up in their state and tell tales of Republican childhood memories of hunting. Woo wee. I don't know if Barack has any of these memories. She really didn't have to work hard and everyone is forgiving of her gaffes. When she was in Indiana, she showed kids how to drink shots of good whiskey. Woo wee--she can't be the education president. (yeah, kids read the newspaper too, Hill)
So what do we do?
Barack can't change his color or race, so that's out.
Maybe raising more money and pressing more flesh could work however, Barack is one man--how much can he do?
It's hard to change people's ideas--especially regarding race and especially when Hillary's wedge issues really strike a chord with those Lunch bucket, blue-collar Catholic whites who are older (?).
Those people are hard to change. They are not intellectual by far, so how to reach them? How many of them even have regular and positive interactions with African Americans on a daily basis? How could they vote Obama 08 when they are hard pressed to recite even the names of Blacks they say they know?
Barack would have had to start his campaigning in their state and invite all of the Chicago politicians who would, to come along with him.
It's sad but true.
I hope my state, Indiana, doesn't disappoint Sen. Obama like Pennsylvania did.

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