Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama wins Wisconsin--addresses supporters in Texas!

(I love the CNN live feed—I recently discovered it.)
The Obama rally was out-of- control with gladness and joy at the Change that is about to happen to this great nation.
The roar was deafening as Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) took stage.
“Houston, I think we have achieved lift-off here!”
“Early voting has started here in Texas and everybody has one of these cards and everybody knows you can start voting in Texas. Don’t wait until tomorrow,” he asked.
“You’re going to have to attend the caucus March 4 to get us a few more delegates.
Don’t go alone—take some friends and family to the polls,” Obama said.
He warned that the “change we seek is still months and miles away and we need the good people of Texas to help us get there. If we are blessed and honored to win the nomination we will need your help to win in November,” he said.
He also said that after the presidential election, help will still be needed to turn America around.
“What we are trying to do here will not be easy and it will not happen overnight--
it will require something more. It will take more than good ideas because Washington is where good ideas go to die. Change is needed now,” he said.
He said NAFTA took our jobs and described a supporter who told him about his first hand knowledge of what the trade agreement meant to him.
“They work for years and come to work one day and literally see the machines unbolted from the floor and sent to China,” he said.
He told the story of the woman with the blind twins who entered into a predatory loan.
Her fees doubled in two weeks and she was on the verge of homelessness and didn’t know where to turn or what to do.
“My faith in the American people has been vindicated…it is time to turn the page.”
He addressed safety standards and toys being played by our children that have lead paint.
He addressed the process of instituting an improved educational system.
“The problem is a lack of urgency,” he said.
He said the not-in-our-backyard mentality will cease.
“Every child is our problem every child is our responsibility. We will invest in early childhood education and reward teachers by giving higher salaries and giving them more support and no more teaching to the test but learning”—real learning so that this country can advance, he said.
Affordable college tuition and getting to work in the Peace Corps or another type of service to the country was also highlighted. (This is the type of work experience that a college grad can bank on.)

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