Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama wins Mississippi Primary, Texas Caucuses

Associated Press photo
Sen. Barack Obama is the winner of the Mississippi primary, as projected by CNN. He also came in first in the Texas carcases. Thirty-three delegates are at stake and will divided between the candidates.
Sen. Obama appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, answering questions about the Florida and Michigan Democratic delegates and what he saw while in Mississippi.
He said there is a need for change readily seen in the state. He toured the Delta region where he saw underfunded schools, joblessness and a lack of health care. Obama said he wants to change how business is done in U.S. and in Washington. He also said he would be the better nominee, overcoming special interests groups. Obama said he is not surprised at how Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign doesn't reciprocate respectful campaign methods as his does.

As far as picking a vice president, he said that decision is premature at this point in the election process. He said if he wins the party's nomination he will choose the best person for that position.
He is focused on unifying the Democratic Party and institute a shift away from "Bush policies."
Sen. Obama said he would be in favor of discussing a fair solution to the delegate situation in Michigan and Florida but did not favor mail-in votes because he wants to make sure all of the voters are heard and the process is fair.

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