Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama '08: Sen. Barack Obama comes to Gary--the series

Those who chose to, wore or bought Obama shirts of all styles--from the official blue or white ones sold at campaign headquarters to those airbrushed in an array of colors with Obama's face and signature look emblazoned upon them.

Joy and confidence shined on the faces of each ticket holder who emerged from campaign headquarters victoriously. Take a peek.

Find out why the people love and support Barack Obama. More of these videos may be found on my You Tube page. Click on the My Videos link to the right in the links column.


Watch entire speech of Dem. presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama at Roosevelt H.S. in Gary, Thursday.

Listen to "Reclaiming the American Dream" on my blogtalkradio show:

I promised a series and here it is:


CEO said...

I guess you must have missed Michelle's obama's college thesis...and how once you make it to a certain income bracket how you cease to relate to the your past...and that is so true...unless your name is TI or pac man jones.

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