Friday, August 29, 2008

Is Palin qualified or is she just a figurehead?

If I were a member of the Grand Old Party, I would be angry and questioning John McCain's common sense right now. (It's alright, you can do that)
It seems as if Sen. John McCain chose Sarah Palin because he is partial to pretty women/beauty queens--his first wife was a beauty queen; to capture the female vote and to grab anyone who still is sore at the DNC for having Barack Obama as its presidential nominee--instead of Sen. Hillary Clinton--who has clearly asked her supporters to get behind Barack as she and President Clinton have done themselves.

If he won, which he won't--but if he did, America would have to live with his seemingly reckless choice of a running mate--just to one-up Obama.

Maybe it is because he wants a pretty skirt to look at while campaigning--can't discount sex appeal and he seems pretty old-fashioned.
What's missing in this is: why is Gov. Palin qualified?
She is currently under investigation. The Alaska Legislature hired Steve Branchflower to find out if she abused her power as governor.
I guess that doesn't matter to the value-based GOP. Her resume is clearly devoid of a deep political history so, I guess she'll do as she is told because she doesn't know any better.
Of all of the female politicians who could have been this man's running mate, who he skipped over, I am truly left wondering if he is of sound mind and why would he risk so much on such an uneducated gamble. He appears to not be worried about running this country effectively. (I wonder why?)
I dunno but I sure am glad I vote Democrat.

Okay, I looked some stuff up

Corporate puppets
don't care about the little guy
In June 2007, Palin signed into law a $6.6 billion operating budget—the largest in Alaska's history.[45] At the same time, she used her veto power to make the second-largest cuts of the construction budget in state history. The $237 million in cuts represented over 300 local projects, and reduced the construction budget to nearly $1.6 billion.[46]
So, I guess the little guy gets screwed again--as far as anyone is concerned.
I wonder how many contracts were floated her way when she helped her husband as a commercial fisherman? I really don't know--maybe some, maybe none.
She certainly is handy with the contracts in Alaska. She sure did have a fast political rise to governor.
She is very pretty though. She should have won the beauty pageant.
Oh, and she has a B.S. degree in Journalism and was a sports reporter.
By the way: I got this information from

P.S. Our top legislators (like the president) should be well versed in U.S. and international laws. That is why many legislators--like our judges--are attorneys.

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