Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Every first term president gets on the job training

Some politicians are selfish and don't care about you and me.
They'll say things like experience matters. How in the hell are you going to get job specific experience for a job like the Presidency?
There are only things you can do to prepare.

Voters should look at how each candidate's campaign is running. Are there shake-ups or does everything run smoothly with clear directives and objectives. The way he runs his campaign is the way he'll run your White House and your country.

There is a lot of protocol when you gain that office. The office is not a stand-alone--there are systems of checks and balances in place so we don't end up with a king instead of a president.
There are advisers and cabinet positions.

The president has to have a clear vision of where he wants the country to go--like the captain of a ship. He has to have a solid, well-though out plan for the whole country--not just one segment of it--like focusing on just the military and how to start a war. Or focusing just on minority affairs or just on infrastructure. The president has to think of all of that and more.

Our country has so much more going on with it than just war, minority affairs or infrastructure.

If you want the draft instituted vote Republican, if not vote Democrat. It is that simple.
If you want big business to come first and maybe any residual help go to the people, vote Republican. If you want fairness in government, vote Democrat.

Some people in this country do not understand what it is to work in a service industry job with few prospects for improvement.
Some people in this country want things just the way they are because they don't want to walk in your shoes. They do not want change.

If you want change, register to vote and then vote Democrat in November. Don't, for one minute, think anyone from the GOP wants to see you own a franchise, they only want you to work in one. Don't, think for one minute, that this election is about race--whites vote for whites and blacks vote for blacks.

Don't be fooled but be informed.

If you want to see how Republicans (Not Obamacons) really feel about the Latina and Hispanic communities, check out that story on The Chronicle U.S.A. where ICE raided a company and as the workers were dragged out, other workers stood on the sidelines and applauded.

ICE was just doing their job--don't get mad at them--get legal. But what was the applause about? That was just cruel.
Remember, vote Democrat in November.

Another thing: Some people who say they are democrat but whose actions scream isolated, biased, uninformed, anti-American are not helping the party AT ALL!

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