Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

This is a note sent to supporters of Barack:

Yesterday, thousands of Hoosiers came together at Campaign for Change Cookouts across the state.

These Cookouts were full of supporters eager to continue building our movement for change by bringing new friends, family, and neighbors to take an active role with them in this exciting process.

Today, August 4th, is a special day as we continue working towards the November election. It's Barack's 47th birthday, and supporters across Indiana are meeting up at their local Campaign for Change offices and reaching out to 47 voters -- either by attending a phonebank, going door-to-door, or registering 47 new voters -- to celebrate Barack's birthday and grow our movement for change.

Indiana Campaign for Change offices are located all across Indiana, and they've quickly become the go-to meeting place for volunteers and supporters who want to get involved.

Find an office in your area and give Barack a special gift -- your time, energy, and commitment to building this movement for change:

Happy Birthday President Obama! (wouldn't that be the greatest gift ever--campaign support, votes and the Oval Office!)

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