Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The DNC as seen on CNN: Day 3

Quips, Quotes, Thoughts & Observations...
Day three turned magical as soon as Barack Obama stepped on stage.
The wonderfully authentic, wholesome, money-on speech given by Democratic Party Vice-Presidential Nominee, Sen. Joe Biden was how I saw day three ending but then the man himself showed up on stage: Democratic Party Presidential Nominee, Sen. Barack Obama. It was such a wonderful treat.
He has achieved so much in the past 18 months. One look at the face of his wife Michelle told the whole story because she was beaming with pride. You could see it in her eyes. We are all so proud of Sen. Obama. He had the clear-eyed vision to see this day, to know that it could happen.
Let's hear it for the fierce urgency of now, let's hear it for unity within the Democratic Party.

Random but very relevant quotes:
"We started a journey back then that will lead to a more perfect union."
Rep. John Clyburn Maj. Whip referring to the Civil Rights era

"Think about all the pain and hurt Civil Rights workers killed and still others did not give up, they kept the faith.
Now these people here are about to vote for an African American to be president of the United States of America."
Congressman John Lewis, led Selma to Montgomery March during Civil Rights Movement
He said when people say that blacks haven't made progress, he said he tells them, "walk in my shoes."

The Fierce Urgency of Now
If you bother to celebrate Black History Month and if you bother to recognize and take time off on MLK's Birthday, this day August 27, 2008 in Denver, Col. you should recognize as well. It is history making for Barack Obama to be nominated
by the Democratic Party.
One Nation!

Stars as seen on CNN
Jamie Foxx
Spike Lee
Muhammad Ali

Indiana highlights
State Rep. Charlie Brown, while the nomination was taking place
Evan Bayh spoke on change.
He said a continuation of the present administration is not the change we need.
Barack Obama offers specific ideas to help the middle class each and every day.

Bill Clinton
The audience would not stop applauding when Bill Clinton took the stage. He told them to sit down but they wouldn't stop.
He was very pleased with the adulation. It was at least a minute.
"I am here to support Barack Obama."
He also said he was there to warm up the crowd for Sen. Joe Biden.
He said in the end his candidate did not win but he is really proud of the campaign she ran.
His speech was dotted with humor, a good sign, and said they will do everything that they can to elect Barack Obama--all 18 million of them.
He said his eight years in the White House convinces him that Barack Obama is the right one for "this job."

He said Obama has a "unique capacity" to lead.
He said the primary tested him and strengthened him. He said he "hit it out of the park" by choosing Joe Biden as a running mate.
"Barack Obama is ready to lead and restore our leadership in the world."

When referring to the Republican administration he said.
"My fellow Americans, we can do better than that."

Bill gave good insight on Republican rule and their aggressive war lust.
John McCain embraces these ideals, he said.

He compared what the GOP said about him when he won the presidency. It was the same thing as they are saying about Barack now: he's too young and is inexperienced.
(A bunch of crapmola, of course!)
Excellent speech Bill!

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