Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Gloves Came Off! Day 4 @ the DNC: Barack!

Editor's Note: It was difficult to pull myself away from the television to write because Barack was mezmerizing Thursday night when he gave his speech. Here are some notes. (that's all I have left to give! I'm weak!)

To me, Barack is already president. He is very presidential, more so than John McCain--to me.
He is smart enough to lead. He would be able to tell the difference between good advice from his staff and not so good advice.
Gloves off
"He wont even follow him to the cave where he lives."
"We need a president of the future that is not grasping at ideas of the past."
"Tough talk, bad strategy."
"As commander-in-chief I will not hesitate to defend this nation..."but with caution, he said.
Obama pulled the gloves off during his address to the American people.
Looks forward to the debates.
He said he won't don't take positions for political purposes and warned John McCain to do the same.
"Not challenging each other's patriotism is the way."
The fire in his tone when he delivered his speech sent waves of shock through me. He was so fired up.
"We all put our country first," he directed at John McCain.
He spoke intelligently on gun control, same sex marriage and immigration.
Demanding change is what his speech was about--what all of his speeches and his campaign is about.
Listen: "Change comes from us. This campaign isn't about me--it's about you."
He is asking all of us to stand up for ourselves to Washington D.C. so that change can occur.
Yes We Can and Yes We Will.
He tied his speech, near the end to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all that he has done for America.
I thanked the Lord for Barack Obama Thursday night.

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