Thursday, July 10, 2008

With All Due Respect: Please be QUIET, Rev. Jackson!

Why in the world would the good Reverend say something like that?
Emasculating Barack Obama!

Barack gives me the impression that he is waaay more cunning than to let that happen. If he beats up (verbally) the Reverend, then he is seen as a brute beating up on an old man. If he does nothing--well--I dunno--what would happen?
Because Barack stood up for all of the fatherless children and husbandless/boyfriendless/babydaddyless women, Reverend Jackson wants to cut Barack's nuts off. That doesn't even make sense. His nuts should be cut off.

Barack wasn't talking down to me because I take care of mine. Barack was talking to all of the sperm donors walking around blinged out while their children suffer and go without.
Who even cares if Reverend Jackson fits into the latter category. Who cares!
What I did care about is Jackson winning the presidency. He didn't. He ran twice.
I need one black man to really take care of this community by climbing out of the barrel of crabs and rise to success--that now realistically includes becoming president of the U.S.A.
Apparently, that one black man is Barack Obama.
What he is doing takes a personal commitment from him and all of us--his supporters.
We should be donating money, hosting fundraisers and talking to each other about how we can play a role in Barack's multi-point plans.
The point Barack was trying to make during his Father's Day speech is that he would have liked to have his own father around but he left when he was two. His mother, grandmother and grandfather raised and shaped his life. And his uncles.
I don't know how if feels to be raised fatherless because mine was there and still is there so I can only speak from my experiences. My ex-husband is now sick and laying in a hospital bed. I don't know what will become of us so I guess we'll be finding out soon.
I found most people haven't even listened to Barack's speeches enough to comment intelligently from what I have heard on talk radio.
Reverend Jackson looks like a publicity hound right now.
Barack is trying to win over the white vote. Not the vote of the decent, smart forward thinking whites because he already has their support but the opposite whites--ignorant, uneducated, prejudiced, whites who are hurting financially just as bad as the next black man but won't let go of the white supremacist idea enough to wake up and vote Barack.
That is what Barack is doing--running for president. He is climbing out of the barrel of crabs. He is not grandstanding, seeking publicity, or promoting himself to gain riches.
He is wanting to right the wrongs that have occurred in the past eight to 200 years.
And instead of helping him, some of us are taking this opportunity to kick him and bring him back down into that barrel.
Most of us cannot even discuss his candidacy without bristling white folks who saw Hillary as the last great white hope.
It will be a great blessing to finally find a middle ground with them so that we can move on as one Democratic group and win the election. The win is within reach and all we have to do is hold it together enough to reach out and grab it.
So keep ya mouth shut Reverend Jackson!

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