Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Birthday U.S.A., Happy Birthday Me

Well, you know how yesterday went since it was the Fourth of July. Smoke, yelling, heat, meat. At least I didn't burn anything this year.

I bought a box of Moo & Oink pork rib tips for $8 and some change at the local market--Save More on Broadway for those of you who know. Now usually, I go out to Ultra in Highland but because of high gas prices I was compelled to shop local. I got a great deal and the line wasn't that long.
Then comes the yelling: Lauren, my autistic 17-year-old daughter, put on top of her pajamas, a pair of shorts and another pair of pants, her shoes on the wrong foot and three t-shirts. My son who is still a finicky eater, wanted to go to granny's for fireworks to get out of eating some of all of that food I cooked. Also, he refused to shower. He's 10. My day was spent badgering and grilling.

I cooked pre-pattied hamburgers--they were on sale too--mac & cheese, green beans (fresh frozen courtesy of Aldi grocery store) and deviled eggs with fresh dill from my garden (yes it smelled like dill).
Needless to say he had some tips and all the fixin's too. Lauren ate dinner as well but refused to take off all of those extra clothes.

My mother wanted to know why I cooked all of that meat (I chopped up two slabs for them) and why I sent so much to her house. My parents may have one piece and will place the rest in the freezer to cook with great northern beans during the fall (mmm, delish!) so it is in my personal interest to send meat to their home.
Later, I tried to take photos of local fireworks displays. I used a portrait, night, shutter speed and f-stop settings but I forget which one worked because I had to experiment to see when to depress the shutter. On a large fireworks display, there are more of them lighting the night sky but the ordinary guy lighting fireworks for his family, is going one-at-a-time so I had to choose when to squeeze the shutter button.

Today is my birthday.
(I know yall thought I'd get up on my soap box about America and Independence and whatever but hey--it's the Fourth of July weekend and even I just gotta give it a break and enjoy the day. Happy Holidays!)

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