Friday, July 25, 2008

Growing up American

As arguments against the positive points of Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's Overseas tour pile up, it only stands to prove the point of the Ugly American moniker US citizens want to dissipate.
Many of the naysayers have no insight of how they sound to the rest of the world. They sound bitter and hateful.
Obama is doing little wrong. He is not providing fodder for late-night talk show monologues and comedians that would stand to make him look doddering and foolish and out-of-step with the country.
However, my country and its future is no joke to me.
Obama is in-step with the country and is a front-runner.
Some in the world refuse to reward excellence and wonder why the youth of today are confused. Adults blame MTV, music videos and the underground urban culture.
I blame so-called adults who appear to be children, themselves, emotionally.
I know no one likes to be one-upped but on the same turn, no one likes unsportsman-like behavior. Or whining.
By the way, kudos to the Black French people's resurgence of the black consciousness movement in France.
I found out when CNN reporter Christian Amanpour asked about it during a press conference with Obama and Nicholas Sarkozy, President of France. She said the resurgence was due to Obama's barrier breaking progress in the U.S. election process.
Obama spoke of strengthening French - American relations and European relations on a whole.

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