Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ebony magazine defines Black Cool

Obama: Coolest man in the world...you vote

The 25 Coolest Brothers Of All Time
Jay-Z, Barack Obama, Prince, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Marvin Gaye, Muhammad Ali, Billy Dee Williams and many more!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, Ebony magazine defines Black Cool in an exclusive 8-cover feature unlike anything you’ve seen before. In this historic collector’s edition, we will name the 25 coolest brothers of all time.
TWO SIDES: Are There Still Two Americas Separate and Unequal?
“Yes. 40 years after the Kerner Report, a racial divide still exists,” said DeWayne Wickham, columnist for USA TODAY and the Gannett News Service.
“No. For Blacks, we’ve come a long, long way,” said Larry Elder, Los Angeles-based radio talk show host and best-selling author.
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