Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Winds of Change blow through Barack Obama

Kismet. His speech was so good. It was if he were making beautiful, sweet love to the audience--it was strong and passionate. It was like the purity and softness of a mother feeding her baby and singing it a comforting song of gratitude. The gentility of it was like sunshine on a bright afternoon. Barack's speech in Germany Thursday held thoughts of a bright future.
It was as simple a concept as a parent raising a child. His words expressed love for his nation and the world. It was like a man, caring and yearning for his lover, wanting her to run away with him.
"Baby, it'll be alright, we're going to make it," is all he had to say but we, being his audience--all Barack Obama lovers-- were as timid as virgins.
He gave us reassurance until we yielded unto him and matched his want, his need.
Barack stirs up the yearn for freedom.
You too, know that yearning...know the dream of freedom.
The speech went on. Barack talked of war and rumors of war and warriors and survivors and how when strengthened we would see light on the other end of our universal struggle.
However, his speeches are much more than details repeated back when asked, "what did he say?"
It is a feeling and a concept of love. The love that binds the human spirit to this world. Barack's words are edifying.
He talked of no more nukes, then talked of a strong European Union rejecting the cold war of the past.
He spoke of of his father and grandfather and how they used the idea of the American Dream as a backdrop in making a better life for themselves and their future generations.
We watched every gesture, pause and intonation Barack made that day. We watched for flickers of emotion which would show in his eyes.
We felt the rise and fall of each breath of his speech, for as he is ever hopeful, so too are we, right along with him.
God lives in all of us through his spirit. Much of God's spirit was with Barack that day, during that speech.

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