Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABC Democratic Debate: One-on-One

Well Sen. Barack Obama, Democratic Presidential Nominee, has won this debate fair and square.
Here is my take on the debate:

Hillary was raised Republican and those GOP memories she shares with us are wonderful but they are not an accurate portrayal of the typical democrat--whoever that person is.
Who is the typical democrat. Is he or she black or white, working class or wealthy? Who is the typical dem? The duck hunter?
George Stephanopolous--didn't get his yes or no answer out of Hill but Hillary's jewelry looked spectacular! Who made the diamond necklace and earrings?
Barack said on the Bitter controversy: It would be pretty hard to be condescending towards people of faith because I'm a person of faith. They have large numbers of sportsman and gun owners in Illinois--he listens to them and in turn they sent him to Washington DC.
However, none of this type of conversation is helpful to the everyday person trying to stretch his or her budget.
Hillary is more of the same Barack is not--a vote for Barack is a vote for a change from the old guard politicking. He has said this again and again. That is why he is ahead in the polls.
People are bitter about their economic situations if they have gone sour. Who wouldn't be?
Hillary still speaks about her days as first lady as experience. Here We Go Again
On the subject of Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Why are people so rubbed the wrong way
about this man? It is only certain ones who have a problem in this area.
Barack knew certain ones wouldn't accept Rev. Wright's views.
People with sense understand what point Wright was trying to make during the particular sermons.
Barack is trying to move beyond those types of divisions and problems that hang up some Americans. No one person is all good or all bad.
Watch who and the types of people who are hung up on statements and actions that
divide. Examine these people and their motives.
There are those in this country who would have the races remain divided for their own
selfish purposes.
The only thing anyone could do for those who are hurt by Rev. Wright's is to buy them
some salve, give them a hug and tell them time heals all wounds. There have been some
ugliness in America's past. What can anyone do about the past?
Move on people. Move on.
Racist people should walk in the shoes of someone who has been discriminated against
before they make an uninformed snap judgement that can only serve to further divide the races.
Some in this country for so long, have decided that it is the color of a person's skin that is the deciding factor of who is the most patriotic.
These people know nothing of this country's history--haven't even read a book and won't go to the bookstore to get one on this issue.
Some people are so scared to vote for a man who is black that they don't look at what
could be gained by voting for Barack the Candidate for President. LISTEN TO ONE OF HIS SPEECHES!
I bet some racist people think that blacks all over the country will rise up and exact revenge on all racists because of slavery and acts of discrimination committed against blacks if they vote for Barack or at least fear that scenario when Barack wins the general election.
1. That is a whole lot of doing and planning and we have to get up and go to work in the morning.
2. I married a cute, wealthy white man and have no intention of harming one hair on his pretty little head.
3. My babies are half white and half black so what do you do about that?
Is that enough? Now do you see fears of that sort are unfounded?
Can we come together now? (Oh by the by: I'm not really married and I am also
unemployed and to my knowledge, my children are African American--but you get the
point I was going for.)
On GOP contender John McCain: Barack would easily win against Sen. McCain and
everyone knows it.
Hillary would be the pig at the roast if she has to meet McCain head-to-head in anything.
The Republican party can't wait for that to happen. When it comes to electability what is not being said is the most important.
Some people feel Barack is not electable because there are pockets of racists out there who would never vote for any black running for anything. These same people don't talk to blacks or have anything to do with black people and definitely don't want them for neighbors. These same people secretly applaud the KKK when they burn crosses in the yards of their victims or they have white hoods of their own proudly nailed to the living room wall of their homes.
The KKK and it's members will not endorse Barack Obama or campaign for him or vote for him. How is this a surprise? How does this fact make Barack not electable?
Think about it!
Let us not ignore this country's longstanding, quiet endorsement of the KKK, it's principles and practices against minorities.
So what is really being said?
These same folk would vote for Hillary. That is the unsaid statement in the electability issue. The KKK would support Hillary, not Barack. Racists would support Hillary, not Barack.
I guess no one in the housing crisis is a member of the KKK. I guess there are no economic issues at stake for members of the KKK--or there are but they can't let a black solve their problems.
This is really embarrassing for America--the KKK and racists who make it so Barack is not electable. The vote based on what the racist thinks--what about this country?
On the Economy: All I know is this: My PayPal account used to pay five percent on the
money market fund and now that rate is two percent. What is all of that about?
Share holders who make more understand already they have to pay more in tax. Why are
all of the pundits (who make up the base of these people making over $200,000 per year) trying to skate out on paying their taxes? YOU CANNOT GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.
Choose to stop funding the Iraq effort if you want to save money. Save on that.
Understand that the people guiding your news are paid well. They are not poor or working poor. They are a part of the in crowd. They don't want the bulk of the weight now being carried by the middle class and working class shifted to them as far as taxes are concerned.
It's their turn at the wheel and they don't want to take it. How un-American is that? How can we be Americans when its convenient and when it comes to paying some taxes we are all of a sudden foreigners to our dear nation? Pay your fair share. Pay it so that you don't have to find out what it feels like to be poor. There are some folk out here who would love to have the rich man's problems instead of signing their family up for Food Stamps.
Right to Bare arms: Status quo? I missed much of this because I had children I need to see about.
Affirmative Action: we will take into account hardships but it can only be in the context of looking at the whole situation of the young person. So base (what is gained through affirmative action) it on need not race--cant be quota system must be holistic. Want people to walk through those doors of opportunity.
This is what Barack Obama said. What is it about Affirmative action that rubs folks the wrong way? that blacks may get ahead in life? that women are paid equally (and they are not) that any minority gets a fair shot at a job (they don't) so many loopholes have been shot through affirmative action that it is only something employers do to be compliant. It is not helpful in getting a minority foot in the door. Without quotas, a whole bunch of black folks and women and disabled folks would not have the jobs they have today. Seriously. Now the goal is to hire any minority but a black. Look around you.

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