Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Science-fiction drama Knowing, an "apocalyptic kind of story"

American actor Nicholas Cage filming 13-week, $50 million flick down under

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TheAge.com.au reporter, Daniel Ziffer, filed a kinda-sorta profile piece on Nicholas Cage April 7, 2008 and I have pulled some of the quotes.

Describing a scene, Ziffer wrote, "a flustered Cage enters an exhibition about 2 a.m. in the Melbourne Museum. He sidles up to co-star Rose Byrne and introduces
himself. It's awkward. He thrusts his hand at her, too fast. But she accepts, smiles, and responds with her name. The meeting is important. He needs her to
help save the world," Ziffer wrote.
Nick said...
"It's subject matter that definitely makes one think about what one
would do in the face of these incredible circumstances, " Cage said
yesterday. "Where you go to find comfort, to survive it."

"It's important to be cautious, but it's also important to be
positive," he said, weighing each word before speaking. "It would be
uncomfortable to advocate doomsday, or the possibility of doomsday.
It would be more preferable to look at all the options and find
solutions to the various concerns, as opposed to writing it off as a
done deal."

"Cage smiled while describing an upcoming holiday he will take with his young family, who are living here during the 13-week shoot. With them, he said, he could go longer without feeling the desire to work," Ziffer wrote.

"It's getting better," (Cage) said. "The length of time is longer now, before the need to dive in is right there."


Director: Alex Proyas (I, Robot, The Crow, Dark City)
Starring: Nicolas Cage (National Treasure, Leaving Las Vegas), Rose Byrne (Troy, Two Hands)
Budget: $50 million+
Release: Autumn 2009
Synopsis: Cage plays a teacher who opens a time capsule dug up at his son's primary school. Chilling predictions are contained inside: some have come true and others seem about to.

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