Friday, April 18, 2008

Former Clinton Cabinet member endorses Obama

Sen. Barack Obama received key endorsements Friday from a top former Clinton administration official and two former Democratic senators.

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Unknown said...

Bottom line is: You get what you ask for and I am old enough to remember hat happened during Carter's presidency. Yes, the Repubs know how to loss and election, but the Dems know how to lose a presidency. I am not happy with the present Republican house of fools, but I really fear what
will happen with a president who is totally without a clue beyond coming out with empty platitudes designed to pander to the informed masses via teleprompter. If any other person ran for president other than Obama with the concrete shoes he is wearing, that person would have been toast a very long time ago. Incidently, I am not necessarily a Clinton supporter, but I have lived throgh Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II (scariest of the bunch only because he is truly a lightweight who surrounded himself with a) incompetents and b) an agenda which did not coincide with eiher the reality of the situation and that which confronted the nation. "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"
So, ging back to the main theme, all of those who endorse Obama either have been made promises (as is the wont in politics and I know what I speak of) or in the alternative, consistent with the "American Idol" mindset which seems to be all pervasive with the MTV, IPOD and Victoria Secret "Pink" set ( as an aside, do you really know what the crude slang term "pink" means when you wear that word emblazened across your buttocks? I think not! Otherwise you would not be doing it. Get the point as it relates to your supporting Obama? Probably not.)
So, the Super Delegates do what they want to in an efort to curry favor with who they perceive as the winner in the next election. And, I hasten to add, he may very well be the winner...but four years hence..I suspect that the Republicans are going to coming sweeping in on the ashes of an Obama presidency (again: look at what happened with Carter.We wanted change, we wanted decency, we wanted a good person , although I hasten to point out that there was no baggage such as it is that came out on Carter as there is on Obama...and ya' gotta admit if you are a thinking's not good). I am simply surprised that people are falling hook, line and sinker for a guy who as a) no experience, b) has enormous negtives, c) in the absence of a speech by teleprompter is at a loss to articulate cogent responses to questions (which he should have reasonably anticipated)
d) Speaks in vague and expansive terms without specifics. If you knwo your world history..this is very dangerous. said...

lawatlarge: I am from the Chicago area and witnessed Sen. Obama grow from the state house and soon, to the White House. I am no stranger to him or his work. I worked as a reporter while he was a state rep in the house I believe. I covered police and crime, though, not politics.
Sooo, this was a long time coming but it has finally arrived.
Anyone can go to a library archive and pull up articles on Sen. Obama, if they care to.

Anonymous said...

There is no media bias.

Hillary Adds Three Superdelegates Today

But you all knew that, right? Cause it was all over the news, right?

NOT said...

@anon: no, i didn't know that. thanks. said...

yeah, but see it's on her blog and she tends to not beeeeee--not that credible since the war stories and all. i guess. you know i love hill and all but....Obama'08!