Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you, Gen. Colin Powell for endorsing Barack Obama

"He (Obama) brings a fresh new set of ideas...we need a generational change in this country" ~Gen. Colin Powell

Thank you anchor Don Lemon, CNN for airing a segment concerning this so-called phenomena of hate- filled talk at Gov. Sarah Palin/Sen. John McCain rallies

comment found on youtube:
"last Saturday I went to 200 homes, after the first few i started a check mark on clip board. By the end of the day I had 21 out of 200 homes tell me directly to my face they wouldn't support a "nigger". Half of those asked me how could I as a white person how could I support a "nigger". Welcome to Indiana where we are one book burning away from being Kansas."
found on youtube after a search of "sarah palin angry crowd"

found under the search terms "sarah palin racism"

Non-racist whites, please talk to your more close-minded counterparts. It would be helpful.
How would you like to work with these kinds of people everyday, knowing all you have depends on keeping that job? That's how it feels to be black in America!
These people aren't just idiots, they are human resource managers, supervisors, publishers, managing editors, station managers, clerks, shift leaders etc. They are people who have the decision to hire you or not. What chance do you think a black person has to be hired by these types of people?

It's easy to call blacks lazy or welfare queens after not hiring them to work where these people rule. And it is also cruel beyond belief.

Do black people live near here? I'm not familiar with Noosetown, PA and don't intend to be.
These aren't young kids saying these things, these are adults. How many of them do you think have hired blacks in the past 10 years?

This is what blacks are up against every day. I have been losing this fight for more than 20 years. Most industries have a prototype or two or 50 of these people. They multiply and share their hate--with a flag in their hand or in their mouths, "I love this country" they lie and then turn around and say things like this.
Well, today I have a flag in one hand and nun chucks in another. And a couple of Chinese Throwing Stars too. And I know how to use both. And I can read.

Not all white people are like this thank the Lord but see what Sarah Palin draws to her rallies? How can blacks vote Republican this year?

(Ifn it wasn't for interracial dating and marriage, we would have had an all out race war long ago. Thank goodness for the swirl!)

She and John McCain preach hate from their podium and wonder why we need Black Liberation Theology in the world. They lift lines from White Supremacist rhetoric and repeat it during their speeches. That is the main reason these people show up. They like hearing how perfect whites are and how imperfect the rest of us are.

These racist people are why we need Black Liberation Theology in the world. These people sound like a version of Rev. Wright. I wish I could get them all together in one room and make them get along.

How would you like growing up with people saying these things to you? How would you like going to a job interview and talking with these people? (Knowing they ain't gonna hire you!)

A woman actually said she fears Barack Obama and "his wife" will favor blacks if he wins.
Because she knows whites tend to favor whites so why wouldn't the blacks do the same?
It is surprising how much blacks and whites have in common--the biggest difference is skin color and the treatment behind it.
Black people have been treated like the underdog, the bullied stepchild and the black sheep in this country since forever but yet a resiliency has kept us here and thriving.

And here these racists show their true colors, feelings indicating that they don't care for it.

We need Black Liberation Theology for blacks. It's not about preaching hate but how to stand up for yourself and not be discouraged by these types of people who are shown in this video.

These people are the reason blacks have looked for the federal government to intervene on behalf of blacks--to go to schools, to get a job to not get lynched or murdered or burned out of our homes, to live where we want--even around people like these. This is why they don't like federal government intervention.

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