Monday, October 06, 2008

No cold days in hell on the horizon

Change is a government that doesn't let deregulated industry take advantage of the people. True that.
Sen. John McCain was involved with the Keating 5 and allows his running mate to accuse Sen. Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists." A fellow board member and college professor held a coffee/meet and greet for him when he ran for Illinois State Senate. That is what really happened.
It seems McCain was closer to the fire than Obama. Obama was 8 when the Weathermen formed. John McCain was a grown man active in the Senate when he testified about his involvement in the Keating 5 Savings & Loan debacle (sound familiar?). If I were John and Sarah who is--wife to an anti-union, anti-American secessionist--I would keep my mouth shut! (before another skeleton fell out of it!)
Watch the video

Oh, and by the by, it will be a COLD DAY IN HELL before the American people allow McCain to tax their work site-provided health plan. What a lot of nerve. Imagine, you pay out of your check for the plan and then pay a tax in addition to that every time you get a check. Why is taking money out of an employee's check always the way to go for the Republicans? Imagine paying tax on a $12 to $19,000 health care plan. It costs enough just to insure the entire family. Work provided health care plans are expensive to the average person.
Guess what. John McCain wants to open the health care industry to more vigorous competition like his party did with banking. Can you believe this man? He really is out-of-touch.
What money will the everyday worker have to live on? Damn a $5,000 tax credit because that will go to the insurance company to pay on a $12-to-$19,000 individual health care plan. And you still have to pay the premiums. Why are McCain and Palin so eager to take money out of "Joe Six Pack's" paycheck? Don't they know how much he makes? I guess they want only for themselves to have nice things in this life. I guess we can wait or go without. That must be what it is: They think we should go without, while they have taxpayer-provided health care. McCain and Palin must think that they are better than "Joe Six Pack."
I agree with Obama, we can all have health care just as good as he has as a U.S. Senator.
Vote Obama.

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