Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sushi dinner for the kids and I

I went to the bookstore this weekend to get my son some reading materials for class. There I saw a kit on sushi. We hunted down the needed materials and today had sushi for dinner.
The children loved it and I loved it because it was healthy and I didn't have to convince them to eat it.
It was fun to make too.
There is the seaweed wrap called nori ($1.98 at Super Wal-Mart) and then sticky rice or round grain rice (I made rice the regular way that I do it and it was sticky enough)and used tuna and other items like salad shrimp ($2), left-over $2 steak, onion, mushroom and bell pepper. It was really fun and it was nice to see the children eat without being coerced.
Now if someone can fix my Grind & Brew, I'll stop hand-wringing and fussing.
update: The Grind & Brew seems to be working fine.

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