Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Rubes who comment on I-Report

Some of the comments I have received on my i-Reports have been downright mean and somewhat racist. It seems because I am black and will vote for Sen. Barack Obama, I am racist in action, stupid, uneducated, biased (against whom, I don't know) and need to get a life.
Hell, I am unemployed so I might have a bit of free time when the kids are in school.
What I find shocking is the tone--which is highly insulting--all because Sen. John McCain is losing.
Whose fault is it that McCain is losing and that I and several others are pointing it out?
The gall is unbelievable.
Not every comment is laced with stupidity and those posts inspire some posters who are obviously educated and refined to engage in conversations that are productive but overall, they are uneducated, unrefined-to-the-point-of-rube-ish-ness, racist, Neoconservative, comments. I don't ever want to meet some of these people because they would get the cussing of their lives!