Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin as scapegoat (the speech was a hard listen)

I think the decision to bring Palin on as VP was a passive aggressive dig at Obama. McCain has personalized these truths hurled at him during the campaign as attacks on him as a person. It is not personal, only politics.

The U.S. election process is no place for gimmicks or attack dogs. I thought each candidate was supposed to seriously consider who could best run the country in case the worse were to happen--not find who could best attack each other. McCain is slumming the U.S. election process.

McCain as a war veteran had some debriefings after his tours of duty, some counseling for post traumatic stress injuries, I'm sure but are there long-term studies on the affects of war-related illnesses?

The gimmicky idea of selecting Palin--who comes off as a stereotype of a woman more so than an educated woman whose background and record I can look at and take seriously--was inappropriate for a presidential candidate to make.

It was if McCain said to himself: "I'm going to find me someone who is easy on the eyes, has a thin political background and who is a great speech maker within the GOP and compare and contrast her to Obama--that'll stick in his craw!"

I guess Sen. Obama is right: John McCain is out of touch with what his role is as a presidential candidate, the whole American Public and he doesn't know Obama that well.

The last time I checked, it was no walk in the park to graduate from law school and then know enough about it to practice it and then teach it. Or to pass the Bar.

Sen. Obama is a constitutional law attorney. Before being elected to office, Palin was a weekend broadcast sports reporter. And then, she worked at her husband's business--fishing. That seems to be hard physical labor. I dunno, maybe she worked in the office keeping books. Whatever. I can't see how any of that knowledge helps her form legislation, understand what is in violation of the constitution, etc.

What does this woman know of the law? It seems as if advisers would easily be able to manipulate her into whatever it is they would have her do--like a puppet.

Not that her message was directed to me, (even though I am an American Voter) I don't trust her with national security issues. I could see her getting herself/us/the U.S. in trouble or getting scapegoated due mostly to her attitude of what America means to her--which was summed up during a speech that held lots of empty patriotism and lip service to the veterans.

(I swear it reminded me of a high school essay contest winner. Hey remember when Lois ran for office on "Family Guy" and Brian gave her some talking points? It was kind of like that.)

Wearing a jewel encrusted flag pin and saying all of the right things are not enough. What is it exactly she has done for the natives in Alaska? I gleaned nothing about her track record from her speech.

Her voice is hard to listen to and running this country--even as VP--is not like being a hockey mom or being on a high school sports team.

Obama's speeches are inclusive and leave the listener feeling good about themselves and the world around them--hope-filled.

I felt angry and excluded after listening to Palin's speech and it left me feeling hopeless.

May God bless each of Sen. Obama's votes so that it will be he that leads the country and leave the point of Palin and McCain moot.

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