Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama stands firm on promise to America, McCain runs from a fight (debate)

Headlines found on Huff Post


Pre-Shock: McCain: My Campaign Manager Had Nothing To Do With Freddie Mac Since 2005... "And I'll Be Glad To Have His Record Examined"

SHOCK: Freddie Mac Paid McCain Campaign Manager's Firm Through Last Month

Our Troops Don't Get a Time-Out for the Financial Crisis

Bob Cesca: McCain's Economic Plan: Blurt Out Random Crap

Obama: The Debate Is Still On... This Is Exactly The Time When The American People Need To Hear From Their Leaders... Presidents Are Going To Have To Deal With More Than One Thing At A Time...

Ole Miss Official: Debate Cancellation Would Be Financially "Devastating"

What Else Would President McCain Postpone in a Crisis?

Laura Bush: Palin Lacks Foreign Policy Experience

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