Monday, September 22, 2008

I don't understand how Americans think

Why don't people in America think?
Anyone who voted Republican in the past eight years can look in the mirror and blame themselves for this de-regulated financial debt we are now facing.
These people put our current president in office TWICE.

These same people have a chance to put a Democrat in office and believe it or not, there is some hesitation--based on purely esoteric points.
I have run into more than my share of people building a case against Barack for President--and for the stupidest reasons.
People actually considering putting YET ANOTHER REPUBLICAN IN OFFICE need to re-read the newspapers for the past eight years.

The poor will always be with us and if God can take care of the birds in the sky, then He will care for the poor. We don't want much.

It is the rich man who stands to lose either a little or a lot--depending on if he votes Democrat or not. If I were them, I'd pay the small tax increase with a smile because after all, I make in excess of $250,000. If I were greedy, I would not want to pay the minor increase. It's like paying tithes. Ten percent is still 10 percent whether it is 10 percent of a dollar or 10 percent of $1 million. However it seems more difficult to pay $100,000 rather than a dime. I wonder why? Greed? Nah. It's got to be something else. But I digress.

Paying a small tax increase is better than having to go through this financial situation again. Many investment accounts are NOT FDIC insured. You should check the information your financial institution sends you.

If you cannot read, pay someone or ask someone you can trust to read it to you.

And as far as CEOs whose job it was to do what they did (they all were just following orders) they deserve every penny they are being paid. There is a contractual obligation to pay these CEOs these millions of dollars that they have earned.

They should sue whoever does not want to pay them per their contract.
The people who elected and put in place our current administration in effect told them TWICE that yes, you can manage this nation's money. You can manage my money.
so now we went from a surplus with the Democrat Bill Clinton to a deficit and the people who elected our current administration TWICE, HAVE THE NERVE TO COMPLAIN AND THEN HESITATE TO VOTE DEMOCRAT.

Vote for Barack and save yourself some money. Don't vote Democrat and keep paying and paying and paying and paying.
Think about it.
The middle class can turn this election their way by voting Democrat this November.
Let us see what happens.

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