Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No More Blog Space for You!

Okay, bf/xbf is driving me to write about him.
I think he likes the attention. I know he must like reading his own press but all he is really doing is taking up unnecessary space on my blog.
In an effort to spare the reader every minute detail of my personal life, I will continue to write about my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving.
I like Thanksgiving because it is a no stress holiday. Alls ya gotta do is cook, serve, eat and watch the football game.
Momma and Dad had a pretty cool Thanksgiving. They were amazed I went to work but the day was basically over by 10:30 p.m. anyway. My Little Brother and my new Sister-N-Law came over. My Little Brother beat my dad in who hollers at the TV the most. I don't understand the hollering at the TV thing because the only players that hear them are already in the room with them! (And because I don't know when to cheer.)
But they always holler at the game. It's tradition and I like it.
The Kids ran amok throughout the house and then before ya know it, dessert was gobbled up and everyone laid down.
I went to sleep, happy and satisfied at another wonderful Thanksgiving.
(Take that bf/xbf! No more blog space for you!)

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