Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's Thanksgiving--time to get fat!

This day we should be thankful that it is all right to eat until you get sleepy and then go to sleep.
"Everytime I look at something on TV, I see White folk talking about how we killed up all the Indians and now we gone give thanks," Nicey said.
She called me this morning because she is tired of Thanksgiving stuff and anyone that gets on her nerve. She doesn't care for any race--just like Archie Bunker.
She didn't have to work on Thanksgiving so she gave thanks.
"Two years ago, I couldn't sit at my desk and read the Holy Scripture. Now, I'm sitting here writing pu**y and di*k and don't nobody say a word," she said.
She couldn't find a sweet potato pie.
"I wasn't buying sweet potatoes and making crust and standin' up over a stove and all that," she said.
"If you had a husband, you would," I said.
"That MOTH$*&$*R would have a cut throat. They wouldn't set there and let you cook. They want to get in the way and go in the 'fridgerator.
If you working an eight hour gig and come home and f**k with that cooking too. My mom would get off from work and stand up for 72 hours, cookin'," Niciey said.
I concurred.
Cooking for African American families and Southerners is a big deal on Thanksgiving.
It's an all day affair starting the day before.
"You don't have to buy a whole a turkey. You can buy a turkey breast," she said she told her mother.
But the huge spreads continue, even though there aren't as many to enjoy it.
"We got to get the Swan cake flour and the Carnation milk. Husband get out the shithouse and want to help and ain't washed his hands since the 50s," Nicey said.
"Git yo' nasty ass outta here. And they want you to to su*k they d**k too," Niciey said.
Whew! Happy Thanksgiving.

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M.J said...

You crazy girl!! This is your sista-in-law!!!