Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eight babies

I keep hearing comments about the woman who gave birth to eight babies. She already had six, used artificial insemination and now people are trippin.
She has a grand total of 14 kids and folk have lost their minds.
Did she ask you to babysit? Nope. Is she staying at your house? Nope.
That is why I am happy for her. If at 33 she wants to devote herself to her family, that is great. Not many women want to do that and if they do, they may not commit to 14 babies.
Her dad said that they have a huge house and I am thinking lots of money. He works in Iraq or Iran as a contractor.
I'm thinking that they are loaded! And guess what? I bet she gets pregnant again.
Leave her be. Someone has to be the momma!

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