Monday, February 25, 2008

The Truth Be Told

Well, I knew the gloves would come off at some point.
First it started with Mrs. Michelle Obama. Racist folks started

hollerin' for a rope because she so eloquently told of her

Black Experience in this country. She also has a Woman's

Experience and an Under-50 Experience and a Mommy

Experience--y'all gone holler about that too? Her views are

reflective of my own about my country. They are more than valid

and I hope she continues to speak on it.

photo courtesy of
Then the Hate Express rounded the bend to Sen. McCain's

house--even though now, folks are pounding on the front doors of

the New York Times calling for blood. McCain allegedly has been known to

mess around with a pretty lobbyist that closely resembles

his rather well-preserved wife--and he allegedly lied about

it--sound familiar?
(Remember what they did to former President Bill Clinton at the

start of his presidential campaign and throughout his


Now we have Sen. Hillary Clinton hollerin' in the mike at a

press conference. Please medicate her. She always hollers and demands this or

that--most women do--in PRIVATE. Saturday Night Live had a segment on the news skit about "B*tches." It's pretty much true.
(See, when I get hollered at like that no one says anything)
Now, we have a pic of Obama in authentic Kenyan garb--So What!

The people are not so easily fooled or misled anymore since Obama stood up. He was the first presidential candidate to take a stand in this contest and the people stand behind him.
We are not going to sit back down. This country will Change and become truly inclusive and that is the final word.
We will drag this country and its naysayers kicking and screaming into the actual 21 century and they will love it!

There, I feel better now that I've said that. I had been holding it in all day. And I didn't have to holler to get my point across.

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