Thursday, May 11, 2006


Why is there a trend in men not marrying the mother of their children?
Why is it that women are willing to allow this to happen?
(I am NOT speaking about anyone in the Entertainment industry because they can afford to do as they please.)One way to stop this is to stop getting pregnant out-of-wedlock. Men believe inpregnating a woman as a manly right of passage but never really stop to think about the child who has to live with the desicions their parent's have made.
MEN: What woman is good enough to have your child but not good enough to marry? How is that logical?
Many men say that the woman that they marry has to, "bring something to the table," because they don't intend on financially supporting them during the marriage. These are the same men who will get angry when their women makes eyes at other men.
One cannot have it both ways.
Either you are going to be a complete man and care for your wife or you are going to be a young boy looking for a girlfriend (or prom date) the rest of your lives. Desperate women often find themselves settling for the prom date.
They're not happy, whole or complete but in the back of their minds they are saying, 'he's good enough--for now' or 'I wanted a baby anyway,' without ever thinking about their or their children's future.
Stupid women think, 'he'll always be mine now. I got his baby!' or 'He'll change. I'll just wait him out.'
These women spend their time going through the their man's pockets for evidence of infidelity and calling strange women looking for their husband.
That mess is embarrassing. It's like leasing a man but forgetting that the lease will end and you'll have to give him back to Cupid or something.
People, just stay single and childless if you have to because any man that wants you to be his baby's momma without the benefit of marriage is nuts.
Marriage is an old world tradition of melding backgrounds and families to build stronger familes. If you are not willing to play by those rules then don't just take the parts you like--as if you are a child--but take the whole good with the bad.
My next tirade will be on men who finally marry their baby momma or girlfriend and then decides to start being mean to her.


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