Monday, May 22, 2006

Legends Ball

Oprah is so wonderful. Her parties, I thought, were usually a

private affair. It wasn't until I saw all of the love and power

under one roof did I really truly think of how wonderful a person

Oprah has become and what a wonderful gift she has given television

viewers by broadcasting the Legends Ball.

She can have all of the parties she wants and never reveal what happens

to the public but she shared the Legends Ball.
I was moved by the tribute because I understand how
the road to success for women and minorities is paved. It's not a crystal staircase at all. There are insults to endure, wrongs slow to be made right, hurt feelings rushed to heal and tears. Most of this is held inside and turned into either destruction or resilience. Oprah and the Legends she honored Monday night defined the latter. Success is a hard road for anyone but for Oprah to remember to thank these women gave me strength to do better.

She is such a positive role model.

Before the show came on, I was in a mood and a little tired. But after a homemade

pizza, clothes washed and children bathed, I found

it was one of the few shows of interest my 14-year-old daughter and

I could watch together and not feel uncomfortable.

No one but Oprah could do this kind of work and make it work. Tears

flowed when they passed the mic. I had never seen anything like the

Legends Ball in my life and now Oprah will have to bless the Lord

and make it a regular televised event--Amen--because no one can

ever get all of those voices together but Oprah!


Brittany said...

I had to comment your blog about the Legends Ball. I am a big fan of Oprah and an avid viewer of her show. Her Legends Ball was just another monumental example of the positve and uplifting gift that Oprah has bestowed up society especially women of color. It was a sight to behold seeing all of those strong, black, and great women in one room saluting one another in love and praise. My mother was even moved to tears and she doesn't care for Oprah and the "glitz and glamour" all that much. Let this be a testament that we do and will forever "speak thier name"

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