Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My review of Brokeback Mountain

I just rented "Brokeback Mountain," from Blockbuster.
I anticipated watching this because no one would go with me to the theater to watch it. Now

I have it here. The movie made my heart heavy. It was so realistic.
The main characters are sheep herders, ranchers and/or rodeo riders.

So They're Up On the Mountain, Huh?

It's too cold to sleep out in the open, so Jake Gyllenhaal's character, Jack Twist the

rodeo guy, tells ranch hand Ennis Del Mar, Heath Ledger's character (the blond one), to

come into the tent to sleep, way early in the movie.
Hmmm. Seems innocent. Ennis admits he has had no sex--a virgin.
Then the rustling starts, pulling and tugging at each other's clothes. Bare ass of Jack

exposed, spit in the hand of Ennis -- a cowboy's lubrication--and then groaning.
They sleep like babies in the morning sun in the next scene.
Ahh, the plight of the down-low man begins.
Ennis plans to marry after he leaves the mountain.
"This is a one-shot thing we got going on here," the blond one says, followed by, "y'know,

I ain't queer."
But they are in love. Tender love with lots of hugging and caressing and kissing in the

next scene. And playful wrestling in the next.
Then the boss catches the romeo and juliet pair. Ennis is a little violent.
They had to leave the mountain unexpectedly but not before a slap fight and then the summer

was over, as was their relationship.
Ennis had to get married in November, only a couple of months away. He had a nervous

breakdown on the way home.
This movie isn't filled with line after line of dialogue, like most men, gay or straight.
Jack asked him if they could live together on a ranch, like a couple when they were on the

mountain and Ennis said no.
Next thing you know Ennis is wrestling in the snow with his new bride.
Lawd have mercy, now she's knocked up and scrubbing clothes out in the kitchen sink on a

ranch of their own. They got twin girls.
And of course, Ennis wants to have ass sex with his wife. She is shocked!
Then Jake's character finds a girl at the rodeo. Her daddy's a rich farmer.
Whooweeeee! They're both married.

Here comes the Fishing Trips

Four years passed. You could tell the men missed each other. A powerful reconnection took place after a couple of post cards were sent between them. It took place behind Ennis' home with hard kissing and manly embraces. Ennis' wife saw it all. And then he had the nerve to introduce her to his boyfriend, Jack.
Soon they were out the door. They holed themselves up in a crummy motel, hugged up. Then

Ennis went home and grabbed some clothes and told his wife he and his man were going up to the mountain to fish for a couple days--said his boss wouldn't mind.
This went on for 20 years. Ennis divorced and grew a beard then he shaved it off.
Jack still wanted to know why they never got to shack up together.
These men were truly in love with each other. I got all teary. There was no humorous

sissyfied wrist slinging going on, they acted like men in love but with each other.
They aged gracefully in the movie.
Because they were in love with each other and not women, they were robbed of many of the happy moments couples in love who marry share.

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