Thursday, April 06, 2006

Baseball is supposed to be FUN!

I heard on ESPN that Barry Bonds has been receiving hate mail every since breaking Babe Ruth's record has become a reality for him.
Hank Aaron already broke the record.
Bonds pissed off the world two years ago, apparently, by stating he only wants to surpass Babe Ruth's record.
I had to ask a friend about all of this.
He said baseball is a racist team sport although it still considered the greatest American past time. Because he singled out Ruth, "they're a little pissed off," my friend said.
He doesn't want to write this post but he provided background, although he didn't consider himself a resource.
"They're going to hate seeing another black player pass up Babe Ruth. They thought the record was unbreakable.
"Bonds is an unlikeable character and invited negativity two years ago. Hank Aaron was humble. Bonds is getting ready to break a record they hold sacred."
The "They" in this post, are the Dumb Racists.
Breaking Babe Ruth's record is like fighting words to Dumb Racists who are writing, calling and e-mailing Bonds just to say stop n****r--please don't be all that you can be.
Racists are actually calling this man the n-word. He has the steroid accusations to deal with too. All of this because he is in line to break a longstanding record. Baseball records are set to be broken. What ever happened to enjoying the spirit of the game? Remember celebrating the official start of summer with the first baseball game on the first sunny day? Lazy summer afternoons spent at a sidewalk cafe on the near Northside listening to the game on t.v. Okay, maybe not the last one but you know what I mean.
Maybe Bonds is so mean to the sportswriters because he doesn't often see African American sports writers. Sometimes people need to see someone who looks like them to feel comfortable enough to talk. (hint, hint)
Well. Anyway, my friend had much to say about baseball, like John Robbins of the Philadelphia Phillies going after the Joe DiMaggio record of 56 straight hits.
"DiMaggio stayed clean. They compared Michael Jordan to DiMaggio--a compliment.
Anyway, stop harassing Bonds and get behind his effort to break the record. Skill breaks and sets records--not drugs.
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