Monday, October 03, 2005

I love my Boyfriend...

...but I can't tell if he REALLY loves me.
I can tell this post will go on forever. Men have so much ego and pride--i really feel bad for them sometimes because they have to carry all of that stuff around. I think I get on my Boyfriend's last nerve sometimes because I'm so "out there" but he knows I truly do love him but I guess just not enough.
I know he doesn't love me enough to shut his trap about my numerous faults.
I know I'm flawed.
Tonight I told him his opinion just didn't matter to me anymore and I think that made him angry.
Maybe I should learn how to better walk on eggshells. One would think I'd know how by now--considering I've been doing it all of my life.

1 comment: said...

well, my Boyfriend doesn't love me, i've found.