Sunday, October 16, 2005

Go to Church on Sunday

Here is my newest commitment: I will attend the Church of my favor on Sunday.
I will also plan to go to Bible Study on Wednesdays whenever possible.
I really like a good sermon where the pastor is educated on the issues of the Lord. I think it could help me become less shameless (giggle) and keep a positive mental attitude throughout the week.
I am officially encouraging all who are willing to find a Church to your liking and go.
Those who have decided that Church folk are too much for them, I urge you to reconsider because no one of us is perfect. If we were perfect we would cease to exist.
So go and take your children if you have them.
The very least that could happen is that you develop insight and new perspectives on yourself and the world around you. The very most that could happen is that you become spiritually edified by the Word of the Lord.
Add your comments on how you feel about organized religion. Please keep in mind that the people who reside within in the United States are free to choose their religion.
No one in this country will force another to attend church or to love the Lord.
Have a happy Sunday.

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