Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The never ending story begins...

Lordy, now the news reports say that the governor of LA and the President weren't on the best of terms and their infighting delayed help to the hurricane victims.
Dang. Now all we need is a target.
Who will be this episode's fall guy?
Will it be the most selfish or the most incompetent?
I'm just waiting for a spate of wrongful death lawsuits, citing negligence and mismanagement of funds.
I could see how that can happen but I'm not a lawyer.
It doesn't matter that LA government officials didn't want to cooperate. A whole state was wiped out. A state of taxpayers. State, city and possibly local taxes taken out of your check goes to run your government. (Does LA state take taxes out of their worker's checks?)
On top of tourist dollars.
The money was supposed to go to government infrastructure--tax dollars help run governments.
Where did the hurricane victim's tax dollars go?
Was it to the repair of the levee or emergency evacuation plans?
I guess neither.

Volunteerism at its best...
• Louisiana residents who suffered losses from a natural disaster can claim a refund of state taxes paid.



It might help.

This morning, I heard one of the news commentators on Fox & Friends morning news show ask (hypothetically?) where are all of the Black rappers. Hers was the first face I saw upon awaking and I almost fell back on the pillow with laughter. I was so outdone.
She commented that since most of the victims are poor and black--and since that is mainly their audience--why don't they (step their game up) and help out with the disaster relief.

I will not issue an opinion on what this lady said. She has a right to her opinion as we all should have rights--in other words, I will hold my tongue on this one.

I just love it when we stop walking on eggshells.

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