Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm Not Walking On Eggshells Anymore, Either!

Borrowing an old Isley song lyric, " we go again. Here we go again--I thought what we had was over..."
I just don't understand the outrage. It seems la haute societe and bourgeoisie are always outraged and surprized by the afflictions of the poor.
Except this time it is really horrifying.
It's real life.
Like yall didn't know folks could be poor down in the Bayou. (ain't no such thing as workin' roots either.)
Anyone following the Hurricane Katrina updates--please pay attention. These stories will

not be retold. If you are reading about the blind patients allegedly abandoned by staffers

at a residence for the blind read slowly because it won't get replayed.

None of this type of tragedy is new, uncharted territory.
Understand that what you are watching is human nature, raw and uncensored. Self preservation. Looting.

Rioting. Prison escapees blending in with the others suffering in the flooded state of

Louisiana. (Is that story fit to print?)
It happens everyday in your city and you tune it out.
Rarely will it be reported truthfully.
Look, staffers caring for the blind have families and homes. And so do prison gaurds,

police, government officials, newspaper staffers, bank tellers and so forth.
The growing job sector in the service industry may lead some of the more unaware to belive

that they actually have handmaidens and butlers to be at their beck and call.
No such luck. These people have lives outside of serving you fries or handing you money.
I watched the news conference where the governor of Louisiana issued a mandatory evacuation order. Parents probably put their families and kids first.
Will I sit and continue to write knowing my child, elder parent, sick relative is somewhere helpless? I hope not. I'll leave work to care for my family. Will my employer understand?
Maybe. But all of Big Money's stuff is insured and after he has made sure to anchor his beloved yacht, he might call to find out if the business and its employees are okay.

People who knew got out early. People with money had another home to go to.
Then who was affected? (think about it)
The poor will always be with us but it doesn't give anyone the right to ignore the needs of another just because they can't or don't feel like facing the truth about where we live.
No one really cares about the helpless--like children and the elderly.
Those people were poor, hungry, undocumented, unloved and mistreated BEFORE that levee broke.
Do you follow me now?

walking around unemployed right now who have the answers to problems that abound not only in LA but in

other situations as well. If they don't have the answers, they have enough brain power to figure it out.

But many of them have already given up and are unemployed or underemployed so some ingnorant goof can get a paycheck.

(What if you found out your doctor cheated his way through school and showed up at the office just for a paycheck?)
Sometimes, we have to do more than just our jobs.

And please understand Northerners--Southerners are different than us.
They have their own time

table on when projects should be completed, goals should be established and met or

developing ideas for the future. There is never a big rush but hey, it could have been the heat getting to them.
Stop following along blindly or working only to improve your bottom line. The poor and the Black are bound in one fight--equality.

Take about 45 minutes out of your day to think about that.

Hiring managers and human resource professionals: Start hiring people that can do things the right way and can actually do what needs to be done.
Without infrastructure, nothing in our world, North or South, will work properly.
Please look at the Hurricane Katrina aftermath as an example. Those people have been

working on that levee for more than 37 years, I read.

I have even read reports where funding on the ongoing levee work was cut to divert more money to the theater in Iraq.

When will we wake up? Maybe never. It's difficult living in the real world where people run off, saving themselves leaving the blind to drown.

It sure was funny when it happened on Seinfeld. (Remember what the character George Costanza did at his girlfriend's child's birthday party?)

Hee Hee. But then again, that's just good old-fashioned Jewish comedy. A play on human nature.
God knows if managers there had an emergency plan and or drills to prepare for flooding or violent weather.

Now, it looks like we've all abandoned each other.
So don't blame Kanye for what he said during the NBC telethon. Some of us never sleep.

Don't blame the President for Hurricane Katrina because he didn't cause the levee to break.

That state rakes in millions in tourist dollars.
Stand in the mirror and then blame the person you see staring back.

Have you really done all you've could to help, everyday, your fellow human?
When was the last time you actually stood up for what was right?
Well, join the damn club. We ain't perfect by a long shot and some of us are just downright evil and practitioners of deceit, cutting our own nose to spite our face, lovers of favoritism and hate, etc.

If you fit into the above category, please change before many of us disenfranchised end up dying and going to hell--and then who will you have to hand you hot fries and coffee?

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