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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama's big speech (with video)

Happy now?
Barack has made the big speech, viewable on every news station, every news channel--just like the President of the United States.
He looked very presidential addressing this nation, this world.
However some will never be satisfied with any explanation but that is because they don't understand this country's history. Barack does and he explained it well. There is not any other way to explain it.
However, I guess, Barack will be looking for a new church home.

Sometimes it's difficult to stop what we are doing in life to soothe hurt feelings. Barack Obama did just that during his speech. He is a good person. The speech speaks to his character.
Blacks talk amongst themselves like Whites talk amongst themselves --Whites and Blacks who know each other.
People who are strangers to each other do not have such intimate conversations about race. Sometimes its hard to get a morning salutation out of a stranger--no matter what the race.
Please let this issue go. If any more questions remain, it would be more appropriate to discuss them with a counselor or a trusted religious figure--like your own pastor. He or she is capable of further explaining how this world works and human nature.
Let's put it in more understandable terms: Barack Obama is an advanced, self actualized human being who appears to be emotionally health and emotionally stable. He can grasp abstract concepts quickly. Those who still have questions are the opposite. The part of this country that still have questions about motives and ideas, about past hurts, should move aside, go get some help and let the rest of us live our lives and help keep this country moving forward and get to the real issues at hand.
The U.S. economy needs attention, so does the educational system and employment and foreign and domestic policies.
These are the things our presidential candidates are working on. Let Barack do his job, please.
Transcript of Sen. Obama's speech