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Thursday, February 18, 2010

An "ugly" win but a(n) Olympic) win nonetheless: Shani Davis Medals Gold Again

I said something really dumb to a friend the other day.
I was describing the young woman, Hannah Kearney, who won the freestyle moguls--the one where they jump twice and hockey stop style ski down the hilly slope--and how much air she got and how great I felt just watching her go so high. It was very graceful.Anyway, my friend asked were there any blacks in the winter olympics games and I said no. We both remembered there was a black speed skater but I, full of puffery, demanded she believe that he was no longer competing. I was wrong.
Of course my friend gave up on the argument because I am incorrigible and also because she was right.
Not only is Shani Davis competing but he has metaled gold already!
Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports writes that Davis repeated his Turin win in the 1,000 meter. Wetzel sorta kinda indicated that Davis barely won and really worked to get there. However, the last time I checked, an Olympic gold medal was still an Olympic gold medal. Why diminish that earning? Also, Wetzel didn't write very much about Davis except that he won ugly. Well, the rest of America congratulates you, Shani Davis and enjoy the winner's circle. Please continue to win gold.
Uh Oh! This just in courtesy of Google Search...
Well, it seems Adam Thompson, of the Wall Street Journal cares a little bit more about our gold metal Olympic athletes. (Thanks Google Search Engine)
Thompson writes that Davis is the first Olympic speed skater to win the event twice and the first U.S. speed skater to defend a gold medal title. Hmmmm. Newsworthy stuff.
Also, note that Davis hails from the Chicagoland area and since his Turin win, is the first Black to ever to earn a Winter Olympic gold medal in an individual sport. Double Hmmmmm.